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Ancient Rememberance


When the spiritual powers are passed

on and transmitted they can no longer turn back,

and when they turn back they cannot be transmitted,

and their loving powers are lost to the universe.

In order to fulfill their destiny,

women should make public among tablets of jade that which was hidden and concealed in treasuries and srorehouses to study it from early dawn until night, and thus make know the precious mechanism

of the universe.

-The Chinese Nei Jing, Fourth Century BCE


The year was 500 B.C. in Babylon, in Mesopotamia, land of the Magi, that the Seven Ancient Spentas, Emanations of the One Light, came to life as the first guardians known to man, each bearing a gift to mankind. The story was carved on stone tablets and remained unreadable for nearly twenty-five hundred years.  The language came to be known as Cuneiform.

        The Story of the Seven Ancient Spentas and the ancient writings are documented by archaeologists, religious scholars, and the most current translations done by the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Archaeology, Babylonian Section.

 Inspired by the story locked

with the Cuneiform for nearly 3000 years, celebrated Artist, Deborah Brooks, set upon the task of brushing to life, the Seven Ancient Spentas, Emanations of the One Divine Light, for the first time in history.  Creating each in the feminine mystique symbolizing the Goddess within all women.


"The Miracle of the Spentas"

"The Sacred Angels of the Magi""


As was written in the ancient cuneiform writings...

    "The Magi, of the East, each bearing a gift, followed a Star in the likeness of an Angel to the Light of the West to the birth of a new God-man.  To the Magi, this infant was one who would bring benefit, blessed with divine grace, A  Messenger of God.  And it was to this Messenger, that the Magi bore their gifts..."

    Twenty five hundred years ago in a land called Mesopotamia, land of the Magi, the concept of one loving Creator emanated, as light, seven beautiful Spenta Angels.  And as it is written, these Seven Holy Immortals, were a gift ot man, so that each person born would have a partner, a guide, a guardian angel.

    Somewhere in the past twenty-five hundred years they were forgotten. Now they are back in the form from which they were first conceived as beautiful Angels, emanating from the Great Wise Creator, as gifts to mankind. They were a Miracle when they were first conceived and now the Miracle of their being is back.

    Brushed to life by artist, Deborah Brooks, the Spenta Angels have been recreated in the feminine mystique, they stand nearly seven feet high, and some in triptych form span nearly seven feet across, each bearing their Gifts as told.

    As Guardian Angels, their first responsibility is to Love, the second responsibility is to Protect the life and soul of Man, and the third responsibility is to do for Man, the supernatural things, that we as a human cannot.

    Further, in a desire to share his love with Man, the Creator bestowed each Spenta Angel with a special Gift.  To one he gave the Gift of Wisdom, another, The Gift of Truth,  another, The Gift of Delight in Beauty, another, The Gift of Blessings, another, The Gift of Love, another The Gift of Light, and to a very special Angel, he gave as its essence, the most special Gift, The Gift of  All Good Things.  For this Spenta Angel's Gift was for the Little Children.

    The Creator then sent his Spenta Angels down to Man, to be seen not, but to simply wait.  To wait tot be wished for and believed in .  And where their presence was wished for by Man, they would be.  

Now, where there was The Gift of Light, there could be no darkness. Where there was the Gift of Wisdom, there could be no ignorance.  Where there is Delight in Beauty, there could only be the face of God.  Where there was Truth, there could be no mistrust.  Where there was Love, there could be no hate, no fear, for where Love is all other things are not. Where there were Blessings, there could only be the flow of Abundance. And for the Little Children, The Gift of  All Good Things.

    And so the Spenta Angels came into being, serving as pure incarnates of the Gifts of the great Creator.  The key to unlock the Spenta Angels Gifts is in the power of believing.  You must Wish for and Believe, for it is in the Heart where it is first begun, and in your Thoughts where all is done.


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