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Deborah Brooks

"The Painter of Beauty"

New York • Corona Del Mar • Palm Desert • Laguna • Harmony


Divinely inspired, there is no doubt that a master artist was at work in her creation of "The Spenta Angel Collection," the only thing is, Deborah Brooks had never painted before.

With no ready-made canvases large enough for her inspiration, she turned to large wooden doors for her work. Seven Ancient Babylonian Angels which date back somewhere between 500-3000 B.C. were brought to life for the first time in her studio in Corona del Mar, California.

Inspired by the story locked with the Cuneiform for nearly 5000 years, which told of Seven Ancient Archangels, each bearing gifts of Love, Deborah Brooks, set upon the task of brushing to life, the Seven Ancient Spentas, Emanations of th One Light, for the first time in history, creating each in the feminine mystique symbolizing the Goddess within all women.

They stand nearly seven feet high with translucent wings spreading outward, while some in tryptich form span seven feet across. The Story of the Seven Ancient Spentas and the ancient writings are documented by archaeologists, religious scholars, and the most current translations done by the University of Pennsylvania.

Through the principles of alchemy, Deborah Brooks has created beautiful art, art that touches that very special part of us, our heart, our soul. Those who have viewed her work, have called her, The Painter of Beauty, and still others have called her work, "The Feminine Face of God".

Her paintings have been called Magical and Enchanting, rich in symbolism and myth,.a style created by her, grounded neither in pure fantasy nor absolute realism...magical images for the purposes of enchantment of the soul..

Images for the Enchantment of the Soul, is a collection of the first of many works of this Renaissance Artist. Having achieved her vision and dream of bringing the Spentas, meaning sacred, to life after 3000 years, Deborah has achieved another dream, an inspirational body of work that touches the souls yearning for Divine Beauty, that which lies within our hearts. Her art is as an exquisite mirror, reflecting the beauty and grace within us.

After successfully exhibiting The Spenta Angel Collection in fine art galleries and at Art Expo in New York City, Deborah returned to her love, painting, and has brought to life this new collection of work. Working in conjunction with her husband, her soul mate as she says, she has produced magical paintings for his books, bringing to life his words. Now, she has written her own book, "Daddy, An Invitation to Love".

Having been touched deeply by the reception of people to her work, she continues to produce images of love, the great power of the universe. Honoring this power within her work, Deborah has brought enchantment and magic into the lives of her collectors and those who have been touched by her teachings & leadership.

As Deborah says:

"Let our Hearts meet, our Souls touch and our Spirits soar...

honor the great power of love within your heart, l

ive that love and share it, and treat that love as a sacred unfolding of the magic within, the way of the heart."


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