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Dean Brooks

Before his venture into writing, Dean Brooks was an actor for more than twenty years in Los Angeles, working extensively in both television, film and theater, serving as the founding and artistic director of two well known theater groups, directing and producing critically acclaimed productions. In addition to his work as an actor and director, he served as sensei at Ryu-dojo in Los Angeles, a teacher of Eastern philosophy, Zen and the gentle Way of the Warrior, with a fourth-degree black belt in the art of Kenpo.

As a Renaissance person, by virtue of his inner sensitivity to image and the ability to see a relativeness among all things, coupled with his love of story and a desire to create enchantment for the reader, The Magical Journey Books ™ were born. A collaboration of writer and artist, husband and wife, the books were created with a spirit, filled with beauty, and when finished, gold corded and bound by hand. Within these books, each to their own heart, will find play with words and images and symbols that give rise to mythic themes and seek as the alchemist to transform the characters and the reader in the process.

The ear and eye for which their magic is intended are those growing up and those already growing down again.

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