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Return of the Magi

An Alchemical Journey

Awakened in the middle of the night from a strange dream, the inner landscape of his mind altered by a place and a voice long forgotten... our reluctant hero finds himself, by way of synchronicity, in the small bayou town in Louisiana in which he grew up.


Befriended by a mysterious, wise old man and his beautiful daughter, and under the guise of looking for a lost boy behind the levee in a magical place called the field, he is taken on an inner journey, a return to the Children's Land, to the labyrinth where the Goddess dwells.


Here with the old man and his daughter, he will quest for the lost boy in a place where mythic ideas of the goddess, the grail, alchemy, the ancient Magi, and the philosophers stone mysteriously intertwine. Embellished by reproductions of the paintings of "The Return of the Magi Collection" by Deborah Brooks.

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