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"Years ago I met Deborah Brooks

at her delightful gallery in Harmony, California. As I took the steps to her loft, my heart filled with a joy that I had not felt since I was a child and I knew that I was in the presence of something remarkable; the very air around us seemed charged with a Golden Light.

The energy continued to envelope me, and when Deborah introduced herself, I experienced a gentleness that was and remains ineffable.

My growth as a spiritual intuitive has been affected directly by Deborah's influence in my life, I truly believe that this woman is a vessel of the Magdalene Energy.

She teaches us how to be in the world, and not of the world. She teaches how to be spiritual without the confines of religious rhetoric and she heals with her faith in "THE Miracle of Love".

She leads us by example and she glows with a divine compassion that bears no judgment, only peace. Her gifts of healing the Spirit are indeed rare. I am blessed to be acquainted with Deborah on both a professional and personal basis, she represents the Eternal Hope in the Heart of God for all of mankind"

-Sarah Nash

"Your paintings are from another dimension, which I would so much love to live fully in and that mankind only find glimpses of, like little sunbursts sprouted by rare interdimensional holes in the clouds above."

- Gerald O'Donnell, Quantum Physicist, Mystic, Author


Your paintings are doorways for people to go through to the other world,

as symbols that one enters and within finds their true divine beauty.

...They're alive, offering their gift of love you are their voice, you are their emissary. -

-Clementine Giovannetti, Author, Diary of a Healer


Dear Deborah,

"You've change my life forever. When I walked into your Gallery in Harmony, I was suffering greatly, there was no joy in my life, only pain and grief for the loss of my daughter and her unborn child in an unfortunate auto accident off a cliff on a dark, lonely road.

I could find no peace, no love, no closure until I saw "Asha, The Gift of Truth," and I remember you so graciously told me who she was. I broke out in tears that day & I cried and all the grief and pain went away. I took "Asha" home with me, and everyday she infused me with joy. As you know I visited your lovely gallery many times after that, and sent me people to see your beautiful works of Love.

I even told the Monseigneur at the Monastery in Carmel about you and that you were my link to God.

My life changed that day forever and I will always thank you for that."

With Love & Gratitude,




Ariyanna sat next to my chair for the last 4 years. I saw and felt her each and every day. Little did I know that her presence would be helping me to transform my life on so many levels. We both remember the day I came in and knew she needed to be in my life.

I truly feel my Soul has been transformed. The Beauty of your work and the love you put into each piece of art is a gift and a blessing to so many. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ariyanna will be leaving me today and I will be placing here in the hands of my Best Friend who feels she is being called to have her in her presence to Awaken the Divine Light in her. May you send a blessing to her as your Angel, Ariyanna continues to light the way for the Birth of another Soul.

Thank you again for your friendship and Artwork. Youve change my life forever.



"Your grandfather was a Templar, your parents were Angels, and you are the living personification of Grace and Beauty. It is my hope that you will do us the great honor of applying for membership in the International Order of Gnostic Templars. There are alot of women giving a claim to the Magdalene energy at this time, and I know five of them personally, but there is something different about you...

-Sir Clifford Alford

Gnostic Knights Templar, in Service to The Magdalene


"Most fascinating, Deborah would appear to have been chosen for a specific purpose.

Please permit me some time to meditate on this."

-Sir Ian of Noss KGCT/ITSOTO


"I have to say that you changed my life. Thank you so much. For as long as I can remember you were by my side to give me support to give me help to give me confidence Thank you so much for being in my life :)"




Ariyanna comes to me in my dreams,

she speaks to me of the goddess, of the Divine Beauty within all.


My friend brought Ariyanna into the office, and she immediately called me, I had to have her, and when she did not arrive as quickly as Deborah had indicated, I kept hearing her call me, and could not wait until she came.


Your paintings remind me of a profound experience I had in high school. A Swami came to speak to my Philosophy class and he said...Picture God sitting in a circular room with many doors leading to that room. Although they come from different directions, the doors all lead to the same place... he then said, I hope you will see yourselves as honey bees, gathering nectar from many beautiful flowers, as we all know, the most delicious honey is made from the nectar of many different flowers..., the mists parted for me with his words, and I have that same feeling with your paintings.

~Deborah King


I have never been here before,

but when I walked in and saw

The Magi Priestess, she took my breath away, because she has been coming to me in my dreams. and she tells me of God's love for us, he looks on us as his children, and I have a wonderful feeling of total encompassing acceptance and warmth.


Your work, touches my soul,

I have had 2 near death experiences,

and this is the way it feels, surrounded by loving, angelic energy, totally at peace...

-For Miracles,

Judy Ehehart


"You are awesome!!!!

You should be on a stage somewhere guiding people with major challenges because you can speak from experience, wisdom and TRUST..."


Enchanting! Full of Loving Energy

Its about time somebody spoke about The Power of Love!


Yours is a Heavenly place to visit

Enchanting! Full of Loving Energy

Fantastically Angelic

What a magical display, the angelic energy really lifts your spirit

Great energy and fluidity in your gallery...Blessings

You are very lucky to have such a beautiful studio, thank you for sharing it.

Very enchanting, thank you.

Absolutely Beautiful...thank you.!

God Bless for your beautiful work, the angels are always with us.

I was truly blessed, God is here!, Thank you.

I dreamed her, (Ariyanna), she comes to me in my dreams...

God Bless you Deborah.

Healing and Blessed!


Incredibly Beautiful!

Love it...



Beautiful, inspired work!

I love your work, it reveals a gentle spirit and joy

Its like Heaven here

Too Beautiful for Words!

Love it all

Thank you

Outstanding and Heartfelt



A woderfully Spiritual place,

Wishing you the best

The Goddess is Alive here!

Your art is unbelieveable!


State of the Heart

I hear music in my heart when I see your work.

Beautiful, God Bless You Deborh!

Unbelieveable, Lovely!




"Artist brushes ancient angels to life..."

-The Orange County Register

"Immersed in love and beauty, a cornucopia for thesight and senses".

-The Orange County Business Journal

"Victorian images with antique faces..."

-Adrienne Fitzgerald, The Left Bank Gallery

"Masterful work...Grounded, yet ethereal."

-Ross Watkins, Ross Watkins Gallery- Palm Desert

"Seven emanations of light

who keep the world in harmony."

-Norma Greer, Art Perspective Sand to Sea Magazine


-Gloria Greer, NBC News, Palm Desert, CA

"Deborah is a beautiful channel for the ancient remembrance."

-The Deepak Chopra Center for Well Being

Exquisite Art... for those who seek inspiration,

magic and enchantment !

-Arts & Culture, The Tribune of the Central Coast


The Journey continues...

~ad finitum..~

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