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The Gift Forgotten©


Dean Brooks

The story of a ten year old boy's magical adventure to place inside the mysterious tree in his backyard, to a place called Mulberry City.


In an effort to save his friends, the tiny talking Pupations who live within the tree Donnie is taken on a hero's journey.


Lead by the wise old Pupation, Professor Sweetway, with his young friend Buster Branford, Judy, & Donnie's tree climbing dog, named Ralph...this journey leads them to a mysterious place called the Field... and the mystery unfolds...


This enchanting book includes reprodutions for the paintings in "The Magical Journey Book Collection©" by Deborah Brooks.

Available as a lovely handbound museum edition, bound in gold incuding reproductions of the enchanting paintings by Deborah Brooks, a timeless treasure and a precious gift, signed by Author & Artist...



Also available as PDF for Mac or PC $16.99

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